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A simple docker container for running the HENkaku exploit by molecule.
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A simple docker container for running the HENkaku exploit by molecule.

What it does

This docker container image just clones the official HENkaku repository and executes it, simple as that. You can run it where ever you want, on your own personal computer for offline use, on your personal webserver, in the cloud, on your toaster, etc.

What I need

A computer or server capable of running docker, very simple. If you want to know how to set up docker you should take a look here.

How to use This

Simply run the following command on a docker host:

sudo docker run -d -e HENKAKU_HOST= -e HENKAKU_STAGE2_PORT=4000 -e HENKAKU_PKG_PORT=8888 -p 8888:8888 -p 4000:4000 azunyuuuuuuu/docker-henkaku:latest

And yes, that sudo part is actually needed by docker as it runs as root, something I don't really like but that is how things are. But you can add your normal user account to the unix group docker and you can then omit the sudo part :>

You should replace the variables HENKAKU_HOST, HENKAKU_PKG_PORT and HENKAKU_STAGE2_PORT with something working more for your environment. The default environment variables are set as following:


Also make sure that the -p parameters are also set to the ports defined in the environment variables.

In short you most likely only want to change HENKAKU_HOST to the ip address of your server and leave the rest as is :>


The Dockerfile and files are licensed under MIT (see LICENSE file) so don't blame me when something gets broken!

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