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Liferay portal 'standalone' images
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Liferay portal 'standalone' images

Docker images for Liferay CE (Tomcat bundle)

Use them with liferayctl

Those images are intended to be used with liferayctl tool. Here is an example:

curl -LO && chmod +x liferayctl
./liferayctl start

Which will:

  • download the liferayctl script, make it executable and run it
  • download this image (the stable tag)
  • create a container from that image and run it
  • map container's HTTP and AJP ports to the host

For more details see liferayctl page.
If you are interested in how those were built, have a look at the code on GitHub

Use them directly with docker

While those were intended to serve as a repository for liferayctl tool they are regular Docker images and so it is perfectly fine to do:

docker run -ti --rm azzazzel/liferay-standalone:7.0m7

which is one of the things liferayctl tool does anyway ;)

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