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DSTU 3008-95 TeXLive image
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LaTeX DSTU 3008-95

DSTU 3008-95 TeXLive template with Dockerfile to create thesis

DSTU 3008-95 Template

Basic template was got from

TeX Live 2015: PSCyr

Following instruction was used to install PSCyr to enable Times New Roman font

Inserted in Docker with tag texlive:

docker pull babbage/latex-dstu:texlive


Based on Docker package provided by @harshjv

Link on Dockerhub

Link to this image on Dockerhub


Just go to folder with project and run

docker run --rm -it -v $(pwd):/var/texlive babbage/latex-dstu pdflatex_full

To use your own common styles folder

docker run --rm -it -v $(pwd):/var/texlive -v $(pwd)/../common:/var/common babbage/latex-dstu pdflatex_full index


You have to run pdflatex multiple times to

  • generate correct bibliography citations,
  • generate table of contents.

It's recommended to delete temporary files before compilation
or when strange error occur.
Assuming that your index file called index.tex:

sudo rm -f index.{bbl,blg,log,toc,aux,out,ist,glo,dat}

Parameter index for pdflatex_full is optional.
You should specify your index file name. If it's index.tex,
you can use pdflatex_full index either pdflatex_full.

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