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Prometheus exporter for unifi devices
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Command unifi_exporter provides a Prometheus exporter for a Ubiquiti UniFi
Controller API and UniFi devices.

Package unifiexporter provides the Exporter type used in the unifi_exporter
Prometheus exporter.

MIT Licensed.


Available flags for unifi_exporter include:

$ ./unifi_exporter -h
Usage of ./unifi_exporter:
  -telemetry.addr string
        host:port for UniFi exporter (default ":9130")
  -telemetry.path string
        URL path for surfacing collected metrics (default "/metrics")
  -unifi.addr string
        address of UniFi Controller API
        [optional] do not verify TLS certificate for UniFi Controller API (warning: please use carefully)
  -unifi.password string
        password for authentication against UniFi Controller API string
        [optional] description of site to collect metrics for using UniFi Controller API; if none specified, all sites will be scraped
  -unifi.timeout duration
        [optional] timeout for UniFi Controller API requests (default 5s)
  -unifi.username string
        username for authentication against UniFi Controller API

An example of using unifi_exporter with authentication:

$ ./unifi_exporter -unifi.addr -unifi.username admin -unifi.password password
2016/02/24 13:41:34 Starting UniFi exporter on ":9130" for site(s): Foo, Bar, Baz


Here is a screenshot of a sample dashboard created using grafana
with metrics from exported from unifi_exporter.


Special thanks to Vaibhav Bhembre for his work
on ceph_exporter.
ceph_exporter was used frequently as a reference Prometheus exporter while
implementing unifi_exporter.

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