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Docker container for rendering XML/XSLT as PDF.
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This module accepts XML input and renders it to PDF using a configured


Two environment variables must be set if not using the provided Dockerfile:

  • CONFIG_FILE is the path of a configuration file; see config.sample.toml
    for a sample file. (This value defaults to /docrenderer/config.toml in the
    provided Dockerfile.)
  • STYLESHEETS_DIR is a directory containing XSL stylesheets. All stylesheet
    filenames in CONFIG_FILE are relative to this directory. (This value
    defaults to /docrenderer/stylesheets in the provided Dockerfile.)

Usage example

docker build -t docrenderer:testme . && \
docker stop docrenderer && \
docker rm docrenderer && \
docker run -d --name=docrenderer -p \
  -v /some/stylesheets/directory:/docrenderer/stylesheets \
  -v /some/config/file.toml:/docrenderer/config.toml \

Custom fonts

To use fonts beyond the Base 14, mount the directory containing the fonts
you wish to use into /usr/local/share/fonts on the host by adding a -v
option, e.g. -v /some/host/directory/app/fonts:/usr/local/share/fonts.


Copyright © 2017 Brad Ackerman.

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at
your option) any later version.

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