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Simple, hosted, bitcoin wallet/fullnode.
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What is it ?

OwnCoin is a bundle of a bitcoin server and a web application connecting to that server. The goal is to provide an easy and secure way to host your own bitcoin wallet, with multiple account support etc... To achieve such a goal we're using Docker to bundle all the things.

How does this works inside ?

Inside the container the entrypoint will start the following components :

  • The OwnCoin application : A ruby on rails application launched by the Puma server
  • Nginx to serve the static files and proxy_pass calls to the Puma server
  • The bitcoin server to handle the wallet

Can you show me what it looks like ?

I will soon upload some screenshots.

Okay, I want to have it !

Great ! Glad to hear, here is how to deploy it, simply run this command on a server with docker installed :

$ docker run --name=owncoin \
    -p 8333:8333 -p 10080:80 \
    -v /mnt/volumes/owncoin:/data \
    -e BC_USERNAME=myusername \
    -e BC_PASSWORD=mypassword \
    -e SECRET_KEY_BASE=mysecret \

I want to contribute !

There is two way for contrinuting to this software :

  • Make a pull request, I'll review it.
  • Make a donation to this bitcoin address : 194V2BoPvDEMdYP2nyrX2djuHQJsm13sF1
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