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This image provides a Jessie development environment to build and install syslog-ng from source
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Resources for creating the development/release environment. This folder contains the

  • *.dockerfiles to build the distributions
  • helpers like entypoints and smaller subrutines
  • required-* lists of packages, grouped by the package managers/sources


Since Dockerfiles do not support "include" mechanism (More on the topic here), and environment variables are not supported on DockerHub (which is used for automatic builds) the following Dockerfiles look very much alike, following this scheme:


We are starting from the official base images of the distributions.


All platform specific parts are coded into variables.

copy helpers

Copy every helper scripts/resources into the containers.

pip and wget

Adding the pip package handler and wget to grab the resources like custom repository keys.

package installation

In this section we will install all the packages we need, in the following order:

  • pip packages
  • official repository
  • custom repository


gosu is a wonderfull project made for dropping root privileges easily. Check out here.

fake sudo

Just a simple "echo" script to make life easier. Reasons explained in details in /dbld/


Creating the /source and /build folders for our work. (note: install folder will be placed inside the build folder)


Custom entrypoint script will create the user account inside the container, so you will not have any access problem with the mounted folders.

Package lists

To avoid duplications, we tried to group together the list of the required packages between the different distributions. Luckily, they mostly have the same name with the same package managers, accross the different platforms.
Unfortunately, not every requirement can be satisfied with the official packages, so we have to build some dependencies from source. We are trying to eliminate those, and for the clarification they are listed in separate folders.

Folder Function
required-pip List of pip packages (Currently the same for each platform)
required-apt List of official packages for Ubuntu and Debian
required-obs List of custom built packages for Ubuntu and Debian
required-yum List of official packages for CentOS
required-epel List of custom built packages for CentOS


Contains a list of packages which should be installed on each and every distribution with the appropiate package manager.


Platform specific list of packages. If there is no such file for your platform yet:

  • Add a new file, starting with the same name as your platform.
  • Make sure there is an empty line at the end of the file, because they are concatenated together.
  • Rebuild you image with the dbld/rules command.
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