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12-factor docker redis
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This redis image allows to pass redis configuration files contents via environment variables (in 12-factor way).

Supported variables:

  • REDIS_CONFIG - if present will be saved into /etc/redis.conf that will be passed to redis-server command
  • CLUSTER_CONFIG - if present will be saved into /data/nodes.conf

Main purpose of this image is to introduce ability for configuring redis node in 12-factor way. Even for those options that cannot be passed as commandline arguments to redis-server command eg.:

  • to turn off snapshoting (by seting save "" in redis.conf file)
  • provide initial cluster topology view via nodes.conf file

How to run it?

docker run balon/redis:3.0.7 redis-server

This image includes EXPOSE 6379 (the redis default port), so standard container linking will make it automatically available to the linked containers.

How to pass options via command line?

docker run balon/redis:3.0.7 redis-server --port 6000

This time redis will bind to custom port: 6000.

How to pass options via environment variable?

docker run -e "REDIS_CONFIG=port\t7000\nsave\t\"\"" balon/redis:3.0.7 redis-server


docker run -e "REDIS_CONFIG=\
save\t\"\"" \
balon/redis:3.0.7 redis-server

This time redis will bind to custom port: 7000 and have turned off snapshoting.

How to pass clustering options via environment variable?

In similar way to REDIS_CONFIG there can be also passed (via CLUSTER_CONFIG) contents of nodes.conf file which defines Redis 3.0 Cluster topology.

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