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[Crypto] Crypto 3 [40]
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[Crypto] Crypto 3 [40]

problem description

[Announcement] The IO of server changed from reading 48 bytes to Base64 encoded data end with "\n"
The flag.enc is encrypted by the enc.rb
The padding is using PKCS#5
dec.rb is the running on remote server.
It only return whether the decrpytion is success or not.
Your goal is to decrypt the flag.enc without secrect key.
The flag is not in BAMBOOFOX{} format.
Once you decrypt it.
Put it into BAMBOOFOX{.....} format and send.
Download File:
Please connect to server nc 49171

System Config

The problem is in the /home/po
The service is in xinetd style, /etc/xinetd.d/po
c3_enc.rb can also be found in /home/po/
open port on 5566

Problem Source: zywu@ bamboofox for Computer Security Practice

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