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Docker images for Maxmind GeoIP
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Maxmind GeoIP


Run the image

docker run -d bandsintown/geoip

The directory /usr/share/GeoIP containing the Maxmind GeoIP database is mounted by default as a volume.


The following environment variables might be passed to configure Maxmind GeoIP update:

  • GEOIP_USER_ID: The Maxmind User Id. Defaults to 999999 (free)
  • GEOIP_LICENCE_KEY: The Maxmind Licence Key. Defaults to 000000000000 (free)
  • GEOIP_PRODUCT_IDS: The Maxmind product ids. Defaults to 506 533 GeoLite2-City GeoLite2-Country
  • GEOIP_MAXMIND_HOST: The server to use. Defaults to
  • GEOIP_PROTOCOL: The desired protocol either https (default) or http.
  • GEOIP_SKIP_HOSTNAME_VERIFICATION: skip host name verification on HTTPS connections. Defaults to 0.
  • GEOIP_SKIP_PEER_VERIFICATION: skip peer verification on HTTPS connections. Defaults to 0.


The image is configured to run a cron daemon updating the Maxming GeoIP database each day at 1AM.

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