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Containerized FreeDB HTTP Server
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Containerized FreeDB HTTP server.

Step 1: Create

The container expects FreeDB database files be mounted at /usr/local/cddb.
It's fine to leave it empty for now, we'll load the database later.

mkdir -p ~/Metadata/freedb
docker create --name=freedb -p 8080:8080 -v ~/Metadata/freedb:/usr/local/cddb baoshan/freedb

Step 2: Download

The download script requires axel be installed.

  • Execute ./download to download and extract the latest complete database to ~/Metadata/freedb (takes hours and eats 16GB disk);
  • Execute ./download for monthly update.

Step 3: Index

After step 3, run docker exec freedb cddbd -fdv to rebuild the fuzzy match.

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