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This is a RESTFUL service that launch spot-requests in AWS based on region and InstanceType to get the latest bid price and launch a request with that bid. The instance will run the provided docker image. It will automatically call this service to terminate the instance once the docker job finishes. If the spot-instance is marked for termination it will call this service to create an EC2 job with the same parameters.


You will have to configure the server address on the following files:
./scripts/ on lines 5 and 11 and

./searchScript.js on line 40

You have to install node and run $"npm install" and then "npm start".

It is also available on dockerhub

The script ./searchScript.js is used to check open spot-instance requests that have not being fulfilled 15 minutes after being opened. It will cancel the spot-instance requests and send a call to this service to start an ec2 instance. Depending on your needs you can change this attributes, schedule it on cron etc.

API Reference

-GET: http://localhost:4000/v1/tasks
Info: Gets a list of all the tasks.

-GET: http://localhost:4000/v1/:id
Info: Get the contents of a specific task.

-POST: http://localhost:4000/v1/tasks

      "ImageId": "ami-7f77b31f",
      "InstanceType": "t1.micro",
    "DockerID": "hello-world",
    "ValidFrom": "2016-07-20T02:08:00Z"

Response: (201, "Spot Requested is idAuto")
Info: It will accept anything valid inside the LaunchSpecification. Requires an IamInstanceProfile to be able to tag itself.

-POST: http://localhost:4000/v1/tasks/timeout

      instanceid: xxxxxx,
      autoID: yyyyyyy

Response: (201, "Instance ID is EC2InstanceID")
Info: To be called by ./searchScript or a terminating instance. Will start an EC2 instance with the same parameters.

-POST: http://localhost:4000/v1/tasks/callback

      instanceid: xxxxxx,
      autoID: yyyyyyy

Response: (201, "Instance IDxxx Terminated")
Info: To be called when the docker job is done in the instance.

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