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zenbot trader
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Run carlos8f/zenbot in a docker container. You must have a copy of config.js and configure it, at a minimum to use 'mongodb' as your database uri.

Start a container and run zenbot manually:

docker run -d -v /docker/mounts/zenbot/config.js:/usr/src/zenbot/config.js:ro --link mongodb:mongodb --name zenbot barnumd/zenbot:3.5.13
Enter zenbot commands manually. (start with zenbot --help)

Start a container that automatically runs all components using btc usd as a default:

docker run -d -v /docker/mounts/zenbot/config.js:/usr/src/zenbot/config.js:ro --link mongodb:mongodb -e REDUCER=Y -e SERVER=Y -RUN=Y -p 3011:3011 --name zenbot-record barnumd/zenbot:3.5.13

Customize the zenbot parameters

Use the variables REDUCEROPTS, SERVEROPTS, or RUNOPTS="" to add parameters.
docker run -d -v /docker/mounts/zenbot/config.js:/usr/src/zenbot/config.js:ro --link mongodb:mongodb -e REDUCER=Y -e SERVER=Y -RUN=Y RUNOPTS="map --backfill run --rs eth_usd" -p 3011:3011 --name zenbot-record barnumd/zenbot:3.5.13

Start a container that automatically runs one component:

  • Reducer
    docker run -d -v /docker/mounts/zenbot/config.js:/usr/src/zenbot/config.js:ro --link mongodb:mongodb -e REDUCER=Y --name zenbot-record barnumd/zenbot:3.5.13
  • Server
    docker run -d -v /docker/mounts/zenbot/config.js:/usr/src/zenbot/config.js:ro --link mongodb:mongodb -e SERVER=Y --name zenbot-learn barnumd/zenbot:3.5.13
  • Run
    docker run -d -v /docker/mounts/zenbot/config.js:/usr/src/zenbot/config.js:ro --link mongodb:mongodb -e RUN=Y -e RUNOPTS="map --backfill run --rs btc_usd" --name zenbot-run barnumd/zenbot:3.5.13


  • A copy of config.js (see run commands)
  • Run a mongodb container.
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