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Docker container using automysqlbackup for daily backups of a MySQL database
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MySQL Backup Container

Container to automatically back up mysql using automysqlbackup.

This is designed to run on CoreOS and includes a mysqlbackup.service unit and a mysqlbackup.timer unit which fires up the container once per day and saves the backups to a volume mounted on the host. From there I rsync it off site.

It uses ssmtp as a lightweight mailer for any logs and all relevant settings are done either via "-e" environment variables, or through editing the automysqlbackup.default file.

Example run command line:

docker run --rm -v /var/container_data/mysqlbackup/:/var/lib/automysqlbackup \
        --link revive-mysql:mysql \
        -e DB_HOST=<mysql host> -e DB_USER=<db_user> -e DB_PASS=<db_pass> \
        -e MAILTO=<who to email logs to> -e MAILFROM=<who the email should come from> \
        -e SMTP_USER=<Auth for ssmtp> -e SMTP_PASS=<password for ssmtp> \

See for the complete source, .service and .timer files.

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