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Container to run a PowerDNS-based Superslave DNS server.
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PowerDNS Superslave Container

Container to run a PowerDNS-based Superslave DNS server.

Built on Debian Wheezy

Simply specify the IP address of the Supermaster, and the DNS name of the Slave:

docker run --rm --name pdns-slave -e SUPERMASTER_IP=XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX -e SLAVE_DNSNAME=XXX.XXXXX.XXX -p 53:53/udp  barryflanagan/pdns-slave:latest


File pdns-slave.service is a CoreOS service file. I run this as a Global service so instances run on all of my Frontend servers.

To Do

  • Trigger master to do a notify for all domains when a new slave starts up. Could be done via PDNS Web API
  • Auto-deleting of domains when deleted on the master, although simply firing up a new instance and removing the old ones would have the same effect.

Source Code

Source and Dockerfile available at

The Docker image is on Docker Hub at barryflanagan/pdns-slave

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