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The production grade runtime environment for Oracle Java powered JRuby. It launches irb by default.
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This is production grade runtime environment for running microservice applications. It supports applications that require JRuby on Oracle Java Runtime Environment.

The latest tag uses:

  • Debian as base image. This was chosen due to its legendary stability and completeness of Java dependencies. Note that nothing is cut down here.
  • Latest Oracle Java Server JRE
  • Installed Unlimited JCE policy files
  • Added latest Bouncy Castle JCE provider (non restricted) and registered as JCE provider on last position.
  • Latest JRuby
  • Image delivers irb as its default behavior (CMD command).

Example usage:

[bart@archt20 docker-files]$ sudo docker run -it bartprokop/jirb

It is also possible to use this image as base to run your microservice application.

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