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Archlinux image with base-devel installed. Updated daily via Travis-CI cronjob.
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Basic arch-installation with base-devel added. Updated daily with travis-ci cronjobs. Gitrepo lives on archimg's Github.

If you've got issues, questions or improvements, please open an issue on the Github Issue tracker.

See base/archlinux for an image without base-devel.

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a year ago

Just curious, why do you install packer to install yaourt? Aren't they equivalent?

2 years ago

@ektick - I've had luck with running following to fix that problem.

pacman -Sy archlinux-keyring

2 years ago

base-devel fails to install when I am trying to rebuild this image from base/arch. Comes up with errors "Import PGP ey 4096R/, ... error: key could not be imported. I suspect base/arch is out-of-date and needs to be rebuilt.

2 years ago

base-devel is not really installed