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docker parity
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How to build

sudo docker build -t igorbarinov/docker-parity-master .

How to run

sudo docker run --name parity-master -p 8545:8545 -p 30303:30303 -p 8001:8001 -p 8002 -d igorbarinov/docker-parity-master


  • 30303 p2p networking
  • 8545 rpc calls. Should be restricted by cors settings in Dockerfile/firewalled in production.
  • 8001 for static page web server to get enode. Used to bootstrap other nodes.
  • 8002 for Parity UI. Should be restricted to docker host/firewalled in production.


Q: Where a /root volume mounted on local system?<br />
A: sudo docker inspect parity-master

Q: How do I get into shell of a container? <br />
A: sudo docker exec -it parity-master bash

Q: How do I get credentials to connect to Parity UI? <br />
A: Shell to a docker container. Cat passwords to console cat /etc/goreman/Procfile
copy username from --dapps-user and pass from --dapps-pass

Q: How do I connect to Parity UI? <br />
A: In browser type http://IP_OF_CONTAINER:8002 . You can get IPAddress of the container using docker inspect parity-master | grep \"IPAddress\"
Working on Ubuntu, Not working on Mac, yet.

Q: Why should I build this image from source? <br />
A: While building, docker generates address, private keys, dapps ui password. If you use built image your credentials are like public. I do not recommend to use it in production.



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