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Asynchronous IO HTTP and HTTPS Proxy on Python 3.5
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Wormhole is a forward proxy without caching. You may use it for:

  • Modifying requests to look like they are originated from the IP address
    that Wormhole is running on.
  • Adding an authentication layer to the internet users in your organization.
  • Logging internet activities to your syslog server.


  • Python >= 3.5.0
  • uvloop <>_ (optional)

Docker Image Usage

Run without authentication

.. code:: shell

    $ docker pull bashell/wormhole
    $ docker run -d -p 8800:8800 bashell/wormhole

Run with authentication
  • Create an empty directory on your docker host
  • Create an authentication file that contains username and password in this
    format username:password
  • Link that directory to the container via option -v and also run wormhole
    container with option -a /path/to/authentication_file


.. code:: shell

$ docker pull bashell/wormhole
$ mkdir -p /path/to/dir
$ echo "user1:password1" > /path/to/dir/wormhole.passwd
$ docker run -d -v /path/to/dir:/opt/wormhole \
  -p 8800:8800 bashell/wormhole \
  -a /opt/wormhole/wormhole.passwd

How to install

Stable Version

Please install the **stable version** using ``pip`` command:

.. code:: shell

    $ pip install wormhole-proxy

Development Snapshot

You can install the development snapshot using pip with mercurial:

.. code:: shell

$ pip install hg+

Or install from your local clone:

.. code:: shell

$ hg clone
$ cd wormhole/
$ pip install -e .

You can also install the latest default snapshot using the following

.. code:: shell

$ pip install

How to use

#. Run wormhole command

.. code:: shell

   $ wormhole

#. Set browser's proxy setting to

.. code:: shell

   port: 8800

Command help

.. code:: shell

$ wormhole --help


MIT License (included in <>_)


  • This project is forked and converted to Mercurial from
    WARP <>_ on GitHub.
  • Authentication file contains username and password in plain
    , keep it secret! (I will try to encrypt/encode it soon.)
  • Wormhole may not work in:

    • some ISPs
    • some firewalls
    • some browers
    • some web sites
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