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A Docker for GOG's version of Starbound. Under Development
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Starbound GOG Server for Docker

Run a Starbound server with Docker!

How to use this image

You'll need to give this docker a mount location. In the example command, we'll give it the folder "starbound" on the host machine. You'll need to pre-populate that folder with the Starbound files from GOG.

  1. Download the linux installer script from GOG onto a linux machine.
  2. run unzip gog_starbound_*.sh
  3. You'll find it extracted 3 folders: data, meta, and scripts.
  4. Copy the files from data/noarch/* to the host's starbound folder.

docker run --name starbound -dp -v starbound:/starbound bashninja/docker-gog-starbound-server

Also a sample docker-compose.yml file has been provided. Simply run the following in the current directory:

docker-compose up

Installation Video for UnRaid:


This is done by me, for my personal use. I haven't done any testing, other than my personal setup. Specifically I use this on an UnRaid server. If you have any issues, or pull requests, I'll gladly take them.

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