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Riak Mesos Framework Marathon JSON Generator
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Riak Mesos Framework Marathon JSON Generator

The Python script can be used as a stand-alone script or by running the Docker image built from the included Dockerfile. Upon invocation it will generate a Marathon JSON file appropriate for deploying the ingest or egress services to a given cluster. It assumes Mesos-DNS is running on the Mesos master on port 8123 and that a Kafka framework is deployed to the cluster that has at least one broker named broker-0.

Installing the script

If running the script outside a Docker container, first install the prerequisites by doing a pip install -r requirements.txt in this directory. If using the Docker container, you can either build the image locally and use a tag of your own choosing or run the default image from the Basho Docker Hub. You can then get help on running the utility by using the --help flag:

$ python ./ --help
$ docker run -i basho/generate-ingest-egress-json --help
Usage: generate-json [OPTIONS]

  -s, --service [ingest|egress]  Service to generate Marathon JSON for
  -c, --cluster_name TEXT        Name of the cluster
  -m, --mesos TEXT               Mesos-DNS domain name
  -t, --table TEXT               Name of Riak TS table to ingest data into or
                                 select data from
  -p, --topic TEXT               Kafka topic on which to subscribe or publish
                                 data into
  -q, --query TEXT               Riak TS query to exectue for egress
  -f, --timestamp_format TEXT    String format used to parse timestamps from
  --max_cores TEXT               spark.cores.max value
  --driver_mem TEXT              spark.driver.mem value
  --executor_mem TEXT            spark.exectuor.mem value
  --help                         Show this message and exit.
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