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From the official Docker RabbitMQ it allows to execute shell scripts when launching a container.
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It extends the official Docker RabitMQ image and adds the possibility of execute shell scripts when launching a container.

It's useful to initialize vhosts, permissions, etc.

For test the automatic registration of the vhosts and other configurations, assuming you have ".sh" scripts in the ./setup directory:

$ cat setup/
rabbitmqctl add_user MYUSER MYPASS \
    && rabbitmqctl add_vhost MYVHOST \
    && rabbitmqctl set_permissions -p MYVHOST MYUSER ".*" ".*" ".*"

It creates a new vhost named "MYVHOST" and a user named "MYUSER" that will have all the permissions on the vhost.

It will we executed once the rabbit service is running:

$ docker run --rm --name rabbit-test -v $PWD/setup:/docker-entrypoint-initrabbitmq.d/ basi/rabbitmq:latest

It provides an self healthcheck system.

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