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CACTUS project for the CMS Level 1 Trigger.
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This image is based on an SL6 image which can be found here:

This is an image to specifically run cactus, which supports only Scientific
Linux 5 and 6. I tried installing it on my Arch Linux machine, but the newer
version of gcc ran into several issues. Having the default python interpreter
set to python3 didn't help either.

To pull the image, do

docker pull basilschneider/sl6cactus

To test if the image is running you can do

docker run basilschneider/sl6cactus cat /etc/system-release

To test cactus, you can do

docker run basilschneider/sl6cactus python2 -c 'import uhal'

If the last command does not throw an error, you should be good to go.

Feedback is welcome. Look me up on the CERN phone book.

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