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Very basic image, small footprint (22mb). Functions very similar to phusion/baseimage.
Full Description

Alpine baseimage

Created on alpine:3.6.

Added some features like runit, dcron and a custom my_init.d script. (borrowed from phusion)
Also added a startup script to change Uid, Gid and homedir to user "abc". (borrowed from linuxserver) added posibility to add additional group with env GAID.

You can use this "abc" user to run your services with setuser command in your init script (located under /etc/service/<app>/run).
Where run is a executable shell script to start the app.

all output to stdout and stderr is forwarded to "console" and can be seen with docker logs <container>.

All Enviroment variables and its defaults:

Can be changed with -e on docker run.

Variable Default Desc.
PUID "1000" To change UID of user "abc" to launch application(s) and/or other jobs/commands
PGID "1000" To change GID of user "abc" to launch application(s) and/or other jobs/commands
PAGID "" To append additional group (like docker group 999) to user "abc" to launch application(s)
PHOME "/home/abc" To change home dir of user "abc"
Docker Pull Command