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This container allows you to run CATEES jupyter notebooks using only docker and a web browser.
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If you have Docker (Windows 10), you can follow the instructions provided in the MAC/LINUX section. First, start a PowerShell session. Then, execute the file.

If you are using Docker Toolbox (Windows machines earlier than Windows 10 or Enterprise 64-bit), here's how you can can use this repository.

  1. Launch the Kitematic application that comes with the installation of Docker Toolbox.
  2. From here, search for "bbanavige/testing" in the "Search for Docker images in Docker Hub" search bar.
  3. Once you have located this repository, simply click on "Create".
  4. This should start the container; click the expand button on the Web Preview
  5. This should open the Jupyter Notebook and prompt you for a password. Enter: benkarthik
  6. Back in the Kitematic application, click on the "EXEC" button above the container logs to start the terminal for this container.

The terminal will begin in the /home/condauser/tutorial directory.

Now, you are all set to explore the Jupyter Notebook tutorials and use the provided terminal to execute any commands necessary for a given tutorial. No further dependencies or installations are necessary.

Run this in your terminal:

docker stop $(docker ps -q) >/dev/null
docker rm $(docker ps -aq) > /dev/null
docker run -dit --name testing --restart always -p 8888:8888 testing > /dev/null
sleep 2
open "" > /dev/null
sleep 2
echo "
type 'exit' when finished
docker exec -it testing bash

Hit enter, and you are good to run the image!

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