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BBC News specific config for Rubocop.

RuboCop is a Ruby static code analyzer. Out of the box it will enforce many of the guidelines outlined in the community Ruby Style Guide.


Simple (not-recommended)

Note: if you use this method then you fill have to manually re-download the file.

Add .rubocop.yml to the root of your project.


  1. Clone repo.
  2. Symlink .rubocop.yml to HOME directory:
ln -s path/to/repo/rubocop-config/.rubocop.yml ~/.rubocop.yml


Single File:

rubocop <file_name>

All Files in Project:


Attempt to auto-correct offenses (take care!)

rubocop -a

Display Offense Names:

rubocop -D

Find out more information about an offense name (e.g. Style/ClassAndModuleChildren) by searching for it within default.yml.


A docker container is available for running rubocop with the latest version of the config from:

$: docker pull bbcnews/rubocop-config

To run it on a project, use the following command:

$: docker run -v /path/to/your/code:/app bbcnews/rubocop-config

You must mount your code as a volume under /app.

Additional options

As the entry point to the container is rubocop you can pass any of the options along as arguments
when running the container. For example to auto correct all files:

$: docker run -v /path/to/your/code:/app bbcnews/rubocop-config -a

Git Hook

You can setup your git repos to utilise the pre-commit git hook like so:

Shell Alias

The following bash shell function demonstrates how you can test any Ruby code quickly with the rubo alias command:

function rubo() {
  docker run \
    --cpu-shares 1024 \
    --rm=true \
    --volume $(pwd):/app \
    bbcnews/rubocop-config --format simple --fail-level F | grep '^F:\|=='

Note: the function has been configured to filter out all feedback except for FATAL errors


The command shown above will highlight any offenses detected within the given file. Any marked with:

  • F (fatal): must be fixed.
  • W (warning): more of an subjective offense, need a good reason to ignore.
  • C (convention): more of an subjective offense, need a good reason to ignore.
Inspecting 1 file


test.rb:1:5: F: Use snake_case for method names.
def badName
test.rb:2:3: W: Use a guard clause instead of wrapping the code inside a conditional expression.
  if something
test.rb:4:5: C: end at 4, 4 is not aligned with if at 2, 2

1 file inspected, 3 offenses detected

Editor Plugins


Any changes to the config should be in-line with the BBC Ruby Style Guide. Feel free to make changes, please make sure to discuss them before hand.


Email News Frameworks.

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