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InfluxDB docker container.


To create the image bbinet/influxdb, execute the following command in the
docker-influxdb folder:

docker build -t bbinet/influxdb .

You can now push the new image to the public registry:

docker push bbinet/influxdb

Configure and run

You can configure the InfluxDB running container with some environment
variables, see below.


  • ROOT_PASSWORD: the password that must be set for the root admin user.


  • PRE_CREATE_DB: the list of the databases to create automatically at startup
    (example: PRE_CREATE_DB="db1;db2;db3")
  • PRE_CREATE_USER: the list of users to create automatically at startup
    (example: PRE_CREATE_USER="user1;user2")
  • <user>_PASSWORD: the password of the user to create for the above database
    (example: user1_PASSWORD="mypass")
  • <user>_ADMIN: ["true" or "false"] whether the user to create should be
    granted admin rights (example: user1_ADMIN=true)
  • <db>_<user>_GRANT: ["READ", "WRITE", or "ALL"] whether the user should be
    granted read/write privileges to a database (example: db1_user1_GRANT=ALL)

Then when starting your InfluxDB container, you will want to bind ports 8083
and 8086 from the InfluxDB container to the host external ports.
InfluxDB container will write its db, raft, and wal data dirs to the
/var/lib/influxdb directory, so you may want to bind this directory to a data
volume or a host directory.

For example:

$ docker pull bbinet/influxdb

$ docker run --name influxdb \
      -v $(pwd)/data:/var/lib/influxdb \
      -v $(pwd)/influxdb.conf:/etc/influxdb/influxdb.conf \
      -p 8083:8083 -p 8086:8086 \
      -e ROOT_PASSWORD=root_password \
      -e PRE_CREATE_DB="db1;db2;db3" \
      -e PRE_CREATE_USER="user1;user2" \
      -e user1_PASSWORD="mypass" \
      -e user1_ADMIN="true" \
      -e db1_user2_GRANT="all" \
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