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Salt-minion docker container (for testing purpose).


To create the image bbinet/salt-minion:jessie, execute the following command
in the docker-salt-minion folder:

docker build -t bbinet/salt-minion:jessie .

You can now push the new image to the public registry:

docker push bbinet/salt-minion:jessie


Then, when starting your salt-minion container, you will want to link it to
the salt-master container with the --link salt-master:salt-master option.

The salt-minion container will read its configuration from the /etc/salt
directory volume, so you should bind this config volume to a host directory or
data container. The salt-minion will load existing settings for the salt
configuration and pki stuff from this /etc/salt volume.

Also on debian jessie, systemd new init system needs the cgroup fs to be
mounted as a volume.

For example:

$ docker pull bbinet/salt-minion:jessie

$ docker run --name salt-minion \
    -v /home/salt-minion/config:/etc/salt \
    -v /sys/fs/cgroup:/sys/fs/cgroup \
    --link salt-master:salt-master \
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