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Rasberry PI enabled image for Nextcloud 10
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This image is based on the nextcloud image from Wonderfall (wonderfall/nextcloud) and uses the same configuration settings. Please check his configuration setting till I find the time to update the description here.

It is based on Alpine Linux 3.4 and optimized for the Raspi. Tested on a Raspi 1 with Raspbian/Jessie as host

I run it with an external MySQL Server in a different docker image (mysql.service):

docker run -d
--name nextcloud
-p 8888:8888
--link mysql.service:db_nextcloud
-e UID=1000 -e GID=1000 -e APC_SHM_SIZE=128M -e OPCACHE_MEM_SIZE=64 -e CRON_PERIOD=15m
-v /opt/nextcloud/data:/data
-v /opt/nextcloud/config:/config
-v /opt/nextcloud/apps:/apps2
-v /opt/nextcloud/nginx.conf:/etc/nginx/nginx.conf

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