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A docker build for ngircd on centos.

Note: This does not supply a config file for ngIRCd for you. You must provide your own and it must work or else the container will stay up but fail to provide any services.


Inspired by rbjarnason/docker-ngircd. Thanks.

What the others do that this one does not:

  • Automatically expose ports
  • Supply a default config file for ngircd

What this one does different:

  • I use CentOS instead of Ubuntu

Why I reinvented the wheel:

  • I wanted to make it easer supply a config file via puppet and set up a notify on docker easier.
    There was probably an easier way to do that, but the dockerfile is written now. 

In short, I have partially reinvented the wheel by writing yet another NGIRCD docker implementation. Even worse, it does even less than the others. You should probably use theirs. I built this for my own purposes: To do less by default and work better with puppet. I wanted to ship my own config file easier and I wanted to expose my own ports since I use non-standard ones.

What I will be doing (H/T girish, densuke, rbjarnason) is using supervisord to manage the IRCd.


Here is how I'm deploying it:

Prerequisites for this deployment:

Here is the class/profile I am using to set up a docker image, a /ngircd directory for storing data, and create/stash self-signed certificates. To apply it, you can include the class in the manifest or using the hiera_include('classes') method.

class profiles::irc {
    include docker
    $irc_image = 'bbriggs/ngircd'
    $certdir = '/ngircd'
    docker::image { $irc_image: }

    file {'/var/log/ngircd.log':
        ensure => 'present',
    file {'/ngircd':
        ensure => 'directory',
    exec {'create_self_signed_sslcert':
        command => "openssl req -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout ${::fqdn}.key  -x509 -days 365 -out ${::fqdn}.crt -subj '/CN=${::fqdn}'",
        cwd     => $certdir,
        creates => [ "${certdir}/${::fqdn}.key", "${certdir}/${::fqdn}.crt", ],
        path    => ["/usr/bin", "/usr/sbin"],
    file {'/ngircd/ngircd.conf':
        ensure => 'present',
        content => template('profiles/ngircd.conf.erb')
    docker::run {'ngircd':
        image           => $irc_image,
        ports           => ['6697:6697'],
        use_name        => true,
        restart_service => true,
        volumes         => ['/ngircd/ngircd.conf:/etc/ngircd/ngircd.conf','/var/log/ngircd.log:/var/log/supervisord/ngircd.log',"${certdir}:/ngircd"],
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