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Compatibility layer to run CloudFoundry buildpacks in OpenShift
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Cloud Foundry Applications (and buildpacks) on OpenShift

This repository contains the source for the
bbrowning/openshift-cloudfoundry Docker image which lets you run
applications that use Cloud Foundry buildpacks on top of OpenShift 3.

If you're interested in running Cloud Foundry applications on
OpenShift then you should also check out That's a command-line tool that
emulates cf push but deploys the applications to OpenShift instead
of Cloud Foundry.

Note: As of right now, this only bundles the Java, Node.js, and
Ruby buildpacks. Custom buildpacks can be provided by setting the
BUILDPACK_URL environment variable in the build and deployment

Please report any bugs you find via GitHub issues.

Deploying a locally built Java application

This emulates the cf push target/some-app.jar command in
Cloud Foundry. Replace target/some-app.jar with any executable jar or
deployable war file. Read
for more information on supported application types.

Note: The -docker19 suffix here is temporary until OpenShift
and/or the Red Hat CDK update to a newer Docker version that can
consume automated builds from Docker Hub again.

oc new-build bbrowning/openshift-cloudfoundry-docker19 --binary=true --name=cf-test
oc start-build cf-test --from-file=target/some-app.jar --follow

Once the initial build is done, create a new application from this
image and expose it to the outside world.

oc new-app cf-test
oc expose svc/cf-test

After the deploy finishes (check via oc status), use oc get routes
to lookup the hostname and copy/paste that into your browser to test.

After making changes to the app locally, just run the oc start-build
command and the application will redeploy after the new build

Deploying the Cloud Foundry sample Node application

oc new-app bbrowning/openshift-cloudfoundry-docker19~ --follow
oc expose svc/cf-sample-app-nodejs

Testing changes to this Docker image on OpenShift

First, clone this repository and cd into the newly cloned repo.

oc new-build --binary=true --name=cloudfoundryish
oc start-build cloudfoundryish --from-dir=. --follow

Then, use cloudfoundryish instead of
bbrowning/openshift-cloudfoundry to subsequent oc new-build
commands to use the locally changed image.

Releasing new versions of this image to Docker Hub

Automated builds are performed on every commit of this repo to the
bbrowning/openshift-cloudfoundry Docker repository.

However, there's an additional repository that needs to be manually
updated for Docker 1.9 users of
bbrowning/openshift-cloudfoundry-docker19. To do that from inside
the Red Hat CDK:

git clone git clone
cd openshift-cloudfoundry
docker build -t bbrowning/openshift-cloudfoundry-docker19 .
docker tag bbrowning/openshift-cloudfoundry-docker19
docker login
docker push
Docker Pull Command