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A test application built on the WebSphere Liberty profile
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This is a test application on top of a WebSphere Liberty profile. It includes the admin center component. To pull the image, use the command

docker pull bcbsscioe/websphere-test

Then to run the image

docker run -d -P bcbsscioe/websphere-test

This will generate random port numbers for your image. Make sure you run docker ps to figure out the correct port numbers.

Of course, you can setup docker to run the image on specific ports as well

docker run -d -p 9080:9080 -p 9443:9443 bcbsscioe/websphere-test

Available Applications

Admin Center

The Liberty Admin Center is installed. You can get to it by going to https://<server name>:<secure port>/adminCenter

The default username is wasadmin and the default password is passw0rd

Test Application

There is also a simple test application that gets deployed with this image. You can get to it by going to http://<server name>:<unsecure port>/websphere-test/

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