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A Docker image for running just about anything within a container, based on Alpine Linux.
This image belongs to a suite of images [documented here][dockeralpine].

Image size is ~6.8 MB.

Registry Public Path Y bcgdv/alpine-base N bcgdv/alpine-base N dev-ops/alpine-base


  • 3.6, latest
  • 3.5
  • 3.4
  • 3.3


This image features:

  • [Alpine Linux][alpinelinux]
  • [s6][s6] and [s6-overlay][s6overlay]
  • [go-dnsmasq][godnsmasq]


To use this image include FROM bcgdv/alpine-base at the top of your Dockerfile. Starting from bcgdv/alpine-base provides you with the ability to easily start any service using s6. s6 will also keep it running for you, restarting it when it crashes.


Prior to v4.4, Alpine Linux did not support the search keyword in resolv.conf. This breaks many tools that rely on DNS service discovery, in particular, Kubernetes, Docker Cloud, Consul, Rancher.

To overcome these issues, alpine-base includes the lightweight container-only DNS server [go-dnsmasq][godnsmasq] to resolve these issues.

That means that any image extending this image will now work with Docker Cloud service discovery and links and Kubernetes service discovery.

In some environments, go-dnsmasq won't be allowed to bind to port 53. In this instance, you can set the ENV variable GO_DNSMASQ_RUNAS to root. While not ideal, that should resolve the issue.

Note: despite Alpine Linux v3.4 adding support for the search keyword, go-dnsmasq has been retained for compatibility. It may or may not be included in future versions.


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