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Docker image running Telegraf configured via Consul-Template
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telegraf-consul Docker image

Docker image that runs Telegraf with its configuration driven via


This image currently uses a patched build of consul-template (included with this
repo) due to This fix has
been merged but not yet released. The included binary is 0.16.0 plus the fix.

Environment Variables

Use TELEGRAF_CONF_KEY to set the key prefix where the telegraf configuration
will be found in Consul. If not set, telegraf will be used.

Also, you must set CONSUL_HTTP_ADDR in order for consul-template to render
any templates when the container runs. Any supported consul-template environment
variables can be used, such as:


Supported Consul keys

  • <conf_key>/global_tags/* - global tag key/value pairs
  • <conf_key>/agent/* - any valid agent key/value pairs
  • <conf_key>/inputs/<input_type>/<input_name>/* - telegraf input(s)*
  • <conf_key>/inputs/<output_type>/<output_name>/* - telegraf outputs(s)*

The keys/values will be converted to a TOML telegraf config.

Inputs/Output Configurations

Since telegraf inputs/outputs are actually arrays (can have multiple of each
type) and Consul K/Vs are a map, an (arbitrary) name is required for each
input/output for uniqueness and to "array-ify" them.

Value Types

Since Consul basically stores everything as strings and values in the telegraf
TOML config may require strings, values, or arrays, Consul KV values are converted
as follows:

  • any value matching True, true, False, false will be treated as Boolean
  • any value that can be converted to float will be treated as numeric
  • any value beginning with [ and ending with ] will be treated as an array
  • any value matching {} will be treated as an empty map
  • anything else will be string


The following example Consul keys/values:

KEY                                                  VALUE
telegraf/agent/omit_hostname                         true
telegraf/outputs/influxdb/1/urls                     [""]
telegraf/inputs/mongodb/cluster1/servers             [""]
telegraf/inputs/mongodb/cluster1/gather_perdb_stats  true
telegraf/inputs/mongodb/cluster2/servers             [""]
telegraf/inputs/mem/foo                              {}

Will generate the following effective telegraf.conf:

omit_hostname = true

urls = [""]

servers = [""]
gather_perdb_stats = true

servers = [""]

[[inputs.mem]] # empty - no config necessary
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