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Base image to create hadoop cluster.
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Version 2.0.0 introduces uses wait_for_it script for the cluster startup

Hadoop Docker

To deploy an example HDFS cluster, run:

  docker-compose up

Or deploy in swarm:

docker stack deploy -c docker-compose-v3.yml hadoop

The configuration parameters can be specified in the hadoop.env file or as environmental variables for specific services (e.g. namenode, datanode etc.):


CORE_CONF corresponds to core-site.xml. fs_defaultFS=hdfs://namenode:8020 will be transformed into:


To define dash inside a configuration parameter, use double underscore, such as YARN_CONF_yarn_log___aggregation___enable=true (yarn-site.xml):


The available configurations are:

  • /etc/hadoop/core-site.xml CORE_CONF
  • /etc/hadoop/hdfs-site.xml HDFS_CONF
  • /etc/hadoop/yarn-site.xml YARN_CONF
  • /etc/hadoop/httpfs-site.xml HTTPFS_CONF
  • /etc/hadoop/kms-site.xml KMS_CONF
  • /etc/hadoop/mapred-site.xml MAPRED_CONF

If you need to extend some other configuration file, refer to base/ bash script.

After starting the example Hadoop cluster, you should be able to access interfaces of all the components (substitute domain names by IP addresses from network inspect dockerhadoop_default command):

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