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DEPRECATED by bde2020/mu-docker-watcher-service
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This microservice periodically scans a JSON file containing the information about the running containers to be logged
previously generated by the mu-docker-event-query microservice.


docker run --rm -it \
           -v "$PWD":/app \
           -v "$PWD/containers_test":/app/containers \
           -v "$PWD"/pcap:/app/pcap \
             -v "$PWD"/supervisord.conf:/etc/supervisord.conf \
           --network host \
           --name mu-docker-watcher \
           -e MODE=development \
  • The containers/ mounted folder contains the containers.json file generated by the mu-docker-event-query microservice.
  • The pcap/ folder contains the .pcap files generated per each tcpdump process started to observe traffic coming from each new container.
  • supervisord.conf is a file needed to run the supervisord daemon as the startup program of the container. This is done this way because the main script ( will launch several processes in the background, and hence supervisor is needed to properly track and terminate them when the container is stopped.
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