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Short Description
Docker image with python 2 + PESM branch of spearmint plus the python3 branch
Full Description

Spearmint docker image

Wanna test out Bayesian Optimization with jupyter notebook support?

What's included?

Docker files to test-out Spearmint PESM with Python 2 and 'Vanilla' Spearmint with Python 3.

The docker image is based off of, a scientific jupyter notebook image with enabled nbextensions. Also included:

Don't forget to read the license and cite the work! (Check original githubs for more info)

How to use

To run the software on any computer you need to install docker.

Then you can either download or build the docker image.

1) Get image

a) Pull from dockerhub

To download running the following command in your favorite terminal:

docker pull beangoben/spearmint_docker

b) Build it locally

of build it (good to change things) by moving to the git cloned repository :

docker build -t "beangoben/spearmint_docker" .

2) Run image

a) As a jupyter notebook server

And then move to whatever folder you want to work with and execute:

docker run -p 8888:8888 -v "$(pwd)":/home/jovyan/work -it beangoben/spearmint_docker

b) As a executable script

You can also execute spearmint directly on your experiment folder "test_py2" using:

docker run -p 8888:8888 -v "$(pwd)":/home/jovyan/work -it beangoben/spearmint_docker ./ test

c) Utility script

Basically a utility wrapped for the above command with three inputs, only the first is required: EXP_DIR (experiment name, i.g. test_py2), PY (default is py2) and PORT (default is 8888).

Some examples of running this are:

./ test_2 8890
./ test
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