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A amd64 compatible Docker Image with a minimal Hubot chat bot.
Full Description

amd64-hubot is a chat bot built on the Hubot framework.

It was initially generated by generator-hubot w/ hubot-slack adapter, and configured to get one up and running as quick as possible deployed on...

  1. either Heroku
  2. or in a Docker container runtime of your choice (e.g. AWS ECS et al.)

The intended use of this repo is as a template to create custom, feature-enriched bots.

Therefore this README is also intended to help get you started. When forking, PLEASE definitely update and improve
to talk about your own instance, how to use and deploy, what functionality he
has, etc!

Building the Docker image

Prerequisite: working docker environment.

$ docker build -t beas/amd64-hubot .

Run amd64-hubot Locally, .i.e shell, w/ Docker

$ docker run -i -t beas/amd64-hubot

Run amd64-hubot on Slack w/ Docker

First, set HUBOT_SLACK_TOKEN environment variable. E.g.:

$ export HUBOT_SLACK_TOKEN="your-hubot-slack-token"

Then run hubot on slack:

$ docker run -d --env HUBOT_SLACK_TOKEN beas/rpi-hubot slack
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