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A Docker image for BedquiltDB
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A Docker image for BedquiltDB, based on the official postgres image.

This image is essentially the same as the postgres image, but with the bedquilt extension pre-installed on the default template, and an empty docker database and user ready to go. For full documentation of options available, see the postgres image page, in fact, you should read and understand that page before using this image in production.


From Docker Hub

This image is available from the Docker Hub.

docker pull bedquiltdb/bedquiltdb:latest


docker run -d -P --name bq bedquiltdb/bedquiltdb

Connect from psql

Run docker ps to get the port PostgreSQL is mapped to, then supply that port to psql

psql -h -p 34242 -U docker

Build From Source

docker build -t bedquiltdb .
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