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LaTeX for whale lovers
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Docker with LaTeX (incl. Biber & Glossaries)

Simple image to automate LaTeX processing (e.g. for CI/CD stuff)

This images runs pdflatex with texfot (to filter clutter from the output) once, optionally Biber and makeglossaries, pdflatex twice again and optionally cleans up.

Configuration (ENVs)

  • ENABLE_BIBER: set to true to execute biber "$@" (default: disabled)
  • ENABLE_GLOSSARIES: set to true to run makeglossaries "$@" (default: disabled)
  • ENABLE_CLEANUP: set to true to clean up temporary files (default: disabled)
    • Warning: deletes *.{aux,log,out,bbl,blg,acn,acr,alg,run.xml,toc,lot,lof,ist,idx,glo,glg,gls,bcf}! Use with caution.


# Assuming you main file is called "main.tex"
$ docker run --rm -v `pwd`:/mnt/src beevelop/latex main

# With Biber and Glossaries
$ docker run --rm -e ENABLE_BIBER=true -e ENABLE_GLOSSARIES=true -v `pwd`:/mnt/src beevelop/latex main
  • Shortcut function for bash
docker-latex() { docker run -e ENABLE_BIBER=true -e ENABLE_GLOSSARIES=true -v $PWD:/mnt/src --rm  beevelop/latex:latest $@; return $?; }

add the function to your .bash_rc, .bash_profile or .zshenv


This repo / image is a fork of @soleo's original LaTeX image (see soleo/docker-latex) adapted for my personal use cases and requirements (Biber, Glossaries,...).

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