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WordPress for Docker on Steroids: Fully automates your WordPress installation
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WordPress for Docker on Steroids

Based on the official WordPress image this image fully automates your WordPress installation with the help of wp-cli.

Run the image

# Start a MySQL container first
docker run -d -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=un1c0rn --name mysql mysql

# Start the WordPress container with 2 plugins and the 'responsive' theme
docker run -d -p 8080:80 \
           -e SITE_URL= \
           -e WORDPRESS_PLUGINS="jetpack;wordfence" \
           -e WORDPRESS_ACTIVE_THEME=responsive \
           -e WORDPRESS_THEMES="responsive" \
           --link mysql:mysql beevelop/wordpress:latest

Use as base image

This image is optimized to be used as a base image. You can simply override all ENVs in you own Dockerfile to make your own tailored image.

FROM beevelop/wordpress:latest

# e.g. copy your own theme or plugins
# this is quite awesome for CI solutions with continuous deployment in mind
COPY ./ /usr/src/wordpress/wp-content/themes/my-theme/

# you can simply override all the ENVs from the configuration chapter
ENV WORDPRESS_PLUGINS "password-protected;wordfence"


  • SITE_URL (defaults to
  • SITE_TITLE (defaults to "DockerPress")
  • WORDPRESS_PLUGINS (defaults to "hello-dolly"): Semicolon-separated list of plugins to install and activate
    • e.g. WORDPRESS_PLUGINS="wordfence;jetpack;hello-dolly"
  • WORDPRESS_THEMES (defaults to "twentysixteen;twentyfifteen"): Semicolon-separated list of themes to install
  • WORDPRESS_ACTIVE_THEME (defaults to twentysixteen): This theme gets activated on initialization
  • ADMIN_USER (defaults to docker)
  • ADMIN_EMAIL (defaults to ``)
  • ADMIN_PASSWORD (defaults to Un1c0rn)
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