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jexus mono server for docker
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Jexus in docker

Version Info:

  • Jexus
  • Mono
  • Ubuntu 16.04 (TimeZone set to Asia/Shanghai)


  1. Get the image with command:

    docker pull beginor/jexus:
  2. Prepare the directors for volumes:

    mkdir -p "$(pwd)/jexus/conf"
    mkdir -p "$(pwd)/jexus/www"
    mkdir -p "$(pwd)/jexus/log"
  3. Copy your website config file to $(pwd)/jexus/conf folder, Copy your websites to $(pwd)/jexus/www folder

  4. Run the image with command:

    docker run \
       --detach \
       --name jexus \
       --restart unless-stopped \
       --publish 9999:80 \
       --volume $(pwd)/jexus/www:/var/www \
       --volume $(pwd)/jexus/conf:/usr/jexus/siteconf \
       --volume $(pwd)/jexus/log:/usr/jexus/log \
  5. Then browse with your faverite borwser, see what happens.

You can change the port 9999 as your like.

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