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TYPO3 Neos - details at
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With this image you can install very easy TYPO3 Neos on your computer.

To start neos:

  1. Install docker
  2. docker pull bego68/neos
  3. in the hosts-file ( /etc/hosts; %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts) set: ip neos.docker
    (in WIN uns MAC you get the IP via "boot2docker ip")
  4. docker run -i -t -p=22:22 -p=80:80 --name=neos bego68/neos /sbin/
  5. type neos.docker (or just the IP-adress) into your Browser and you should see: <br>
    TYPO3 Neos (see screenshot)
  6. to use backend type neos.docker/neos with user: berti und pass: volley
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2 years ago


Trusted build with link to repo would be nice to see what's inside.

PS. Check out similar project, but much more configurable: million12/typo3-flow-neos-abstract

3 years ago

@fedir: thanks for advice, without <code>-tag, there are no double tiret

3 years ago


  • on Ubuntu/Mac You could get docker IP from ifconfig
  • parameter --name has 2 tiret, not one

docker run -i -t -p=22:22 -p=80:80 --name=neos bego68/neos /sbin/