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A specialized server intented to be used with the Game of STHCraft private modpack.
This is pretty useless without the pack, but is part of my TechnicPack/Launcher
consolidation project.

This was initally based on overshard/minecraft, and all that remains from the
overshard repo is the baseline of this readme.

For help on getting started with docker see the official getting started guide.
For more information on Minecraft and check out it's website.

Building docker-gameofsthcraft

git clone
cd docker-gameofsthcraft
sudo docker build -t beilber/gameofsthcraft .

Running docker-gameofsthcraft

The image runs a minecraft server with Dynamp using default ports, 25565 and
8123 accordingly. There are 3 volumes but I am not building the image correctly
so the volumes in the example below is useless (for now....)

sudo docker run -it -d -p 25565:25565 -p 80:8123 \
-v "/opt/minecraft/gameofsthcraft/config:/server/config" \
-v "/opt/minecraft/gameofsthcraft/dynmap:/server/dynmap" \
-v "/opt/minecraft/gameofsthcraft/world:/server/world" \

Notes on the run command

  • -v is the volume you are mounting -v=host_dir:docker_dir
  • beilber/gameofsthcraft is simply what I called my docker build of this image
  • -it -d allows this to run cleanly as a daemon with an interactive terminal
  • -p is the port it connects to, -p=host_port:docker_port
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