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Rust Dedicated Server
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ENV List:

UPDATE - if set to true or TRUE it will validate the cache on startup (RECOMENDED)
MAXPLAYERS - Set the max number of players for the server (DEF 20)
HOSTNAME - Sets what the server will be called in the Rust server listing (DEF "Rust Powered by Docker")
SEED - The map generation seed. Values range from 0 to 429497295 (DEF RANDOM)
WORLDSIZE - Sets the size of the generated world. The minimum is 2000 and the max is 8000 (DEF 4000)
IDENTITY - A variable to define different identities for your server. With this you can have multiple server instances. Do not use spaces or special characters. Big fan of the underscore “_”.
DESCRIPTION - A brief description of the server. For multiple lines, use \n
URL - Gives a ”VIEW WEBPAGE” option on the server listing screen with this url
HEADER - Allows you to provide a url to a custom image for the server listing screen. Use a png or jpg of 512 x 256.

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