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Electrum bitcoin wallet
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Electrum docker image

Docker image of Electrum bitcoin wallet.


Source of the image is hosted on Bitbucket at

If you find any problems, please post an issue at

The built image is located on Docker Hub at

Pull or build

The image is built automatically on Docker hub in repository beli/electrum
and can be pulled using command

docker pull beli/electrum

or if you'd prefer to build it yourself from the source repository

git clone
cd docker-electrum/
docker build -t beli/electrum .


The container uses volume /electrum as Electrum data directory. The volumes
should be owned and writable by UID 1000, GID 1000.

The container exposes TCP port 10000 for Xpra.

Run the container in the background

docker run -d -p 10000:10000 beli/electrum

and use Xpra on the host to attach to container's GUI

xpra attach tcp:localhost:10000
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