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Firefox docker image with Adobe Flash
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Firefox docker image with Adobe Flash

Firefox docker image with Adobe Flash installed, using Xpra for displaying GUI
from container on the host.


Source of the image is hosted on Bitbucket at

If you find any problems, please post an issue at

The built image is located on Docker Hub at

Pull or build

The image is built automatically on Docker hub in repository
beli/firefox-flash and can be pulled using command

docker pull beli/firefox-flash

or if you'd prefer to build it yourself from this repository

docker build -t beli/firefox-flash .

Usage example

Run the container in the background

docker run -d beli/firefox-flash

find out on which local port was the port 10000 from the container exposed

docker ps -l

and use Xpra on the host to attach to container's GUI

xpra attach tcp:localhost:PORT

(replace PORT with the port number exposed from the container)

If you would like to have a persistent profile used in the container, you can
mount a host directory into /profile inside the container by adding
a -v option to docker run, for example:

docker run -d -v /home/user/firefox_profile:/profile beli/firefox-flash

Simultaneously running multiple containers from the same profile directory is
not recommended, Firefox will not like it.

Similarly, you can do the same for /downloads directory inside the

Both volumes should have read/write permissions for user ID 1000, under which
is used for starting firefox in the container.

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