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This is a demo application written in Angular 4 hosted via Node.js
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Angular 4 Demoapp

This is a demo application written in Angular 4 using Material Components, responsive layout and served from Node.js/Express. The Node backend acts as both a server for the Angular app and the API endpoint

Full documentation on Github


There are two versions of the image:
:latest runs both Node and Angular in production mode, in this mode a backend Azure storage account is used.
:dev runs in development mode, with an in memory database and API so has no dependency on Azure


Run detached and expose port 3000. The environmental variables APPSETTING_STORAGE_ACCOUNT & APPSETTING_STORAGE_KEY must be passed (or provided from file) and should refer to an Azure storage account and it's access key

docker run -d -p 3000 -e APPSETTING_STORAGE_ACCOUNT=myacct -e APPSETTING_STORAGE_KEY=123supersecret123 bencuk/angular-demoapp:latest

Running in dev mode with in memory database is easier

docker run -d -p 3000 bencuk/angular-demoapp:dev



Aug 2017 - Changed to a single container
Aug 2017 - First release

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