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Very basic container for running java8 based services on ubuntu. works with ubuntu 14
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Installs very little besides Oracle Java 8 JDK.

Does install a bootstrap script which is executed on startup. This script takes two parameters:


The url should point to a deployable tarball. The tarball should be built with a top level directory whose name is equal to APP_NAME. The tarball should contain an executable start script at the path APP_NAME/bin/ The tarball will be extracted and that start script executed with docker runs.

##Running Java Services

For java apps the startup script will typically contain classpath discovery and an invocation of java. Here's a simple working Hello World example, but of course in the real world you will want do set your heap size and other JVM flags properly.

#!/usr/bin/env sh

CLASSPATH=$(ls -1 lib/*jar|tr '\n' ':')
java -classpath $CLASSPATH  net.aethersanctum.antly.AntlyServer

##Example of Starting containers with bootstrap

docker run -d -p 80:8080 benhardy/ubuntu-java8 ./ myapp
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