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A Dockerfile to try out SparkR with RStudio frontend.

This dockerfile builds a centos-based (CentOS 6) docker image with Apache Spark, SparkR, and RStudio.

The prebuilt image in Docker Hub would save your time as spark build often takes long time.

Fetch ready-to-go image from Docker Hub

$ docker pull beniyama/sparkr-docker
$ docker run -d -p <YOUR PORT>:8787 -t beniyama/sparkr-docker

Or you may build & run from scratch

$ cd sparkr-docker
$ docker build -t beniyama/sparkr-docker .
$ docker run -d -p <YOUR PORT>:8787 -t beniyama/sparkr-docker

Don't forget to check your boot2docker vm IP as above port forwarding links the container's one to the vm, not your (host) machine.

$ boot2docker ip

The VM's Host only interface IP address is:

Then access<YOUR PORT> with your browser and login RStudio. Default RStudio login account is rstudio/rstudio .

Now you can load SparkR library to your R environment and start fancy things.

> library("SparkR")
Loading required package: rJava
[SparkR] Initializing with classpath /usr/lib64/R/library/SparkR/sparkr-assembly-0.1.jar

> sc <- sparkR.init("local")
14/05/12 12:17:56 INFO Slf4jLogger: Slf4jLogger started

Please refer to SparkR official site for further instruction, and please let me know if you happened to face any problems related to docker stuffs.

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